Wednesday, 1 May 2013

CE Lifecycle Relationship

The Customer Relationship Lifecycle

Every company has a unique customer relationship lifecycle—sometimes several—for different products, services and business units.
MCorp Consulting focuses on the specific ways that brand and customer experience work together to drive more prospects and customers through your lifecycle, boosting customer loyalty, and increasing customer value as a result.
The Customer Relationship Lifecycle is the lens through which these and other perennial business questions can be answered:
  • What drives consideration of our product or service among our most important prospects?
  • How can we drive more prospects through the sales funnel
    towards selection?
  • Where can we increase customer satisfaction and loyalty?
  • What are we doing that creates dissatisfaction—and how can
    we change it?
  • How can we improve customer experience to drive more of our "right" customers to the next stage?
Defined by seven predictable stages, your lifecycle is a unique experiential "journey" from awareness to advocacy. Attracting and keeping customers begins with understanding how your brand and touchpoints work (or don't) at driving audience movement from one stage to the next.
Effective touchpoints drive audiences closer; ineffective or missing touchpoints halt their progression…or worse. Analyzing your customer lifecycle through the prism of specific customer interactions that occur at each stage helps you understand, manage and enhance your relationships to engage in more effective and profitable ways.

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