Monday, 27 May 2013

CE Steps 2

  1. When we hold resentment in our hearts, we deliver far below our capabilities.  Learn objective caring to prevent taking customers’ criticisms personally.  When front line teams deliver negative customer feedback to the rest of the company, does everyone in your organization respond with an open mind?
  2. Our future is behind every customer. The customer is the heart of business success. It beats for our future. Maintain heart health!
  3. Trusting the customers, not mistrusting them, is the starting point. Customers expect you to trust them and they remember this as a super customer  experience. Mistrusting them will never lead to loyalty or great reviews. Have you unknowingly built your core beliefs around protecting your company from “untrustworthy” customers?
  4. Scaling challenges don’t impress customers. Customers don’t make allowances for bad service even if companies are large. Customers expect large companies to use the power of technology to address the challenges of scaling and still provide super customer experience.
  5. Care and adapt. Customers reject rigid rules. Super customer experience is about understanding what the customer wantsand how they want it delivered.
  6. Touch my heart before you touch my money. Customers take a risk when they choose a company for products or services. They have at least 20 burdens of uncertainty they hope you will eliminate for them before you take their money.  Understand and address these uncertainties and you are on the road to delivering super customer experience.
  7. The customer’s pulse is our vital sign too.  Every aspect of customer experience gives a business the customer’s vital signs. Shut out the vitals and we risk killing that customer relationship.

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