Saturday, 11 May 2013

Oracle Customer Experience


Welcome to the age of the customer - an era where customers call the shots and success will be based on how well companies can rise to meet their demands and expectations. Customers have many choices today. So it is critical to make their experiences as simple, consistent, and relevant as possible as they move throughout the customer lifecycle, from buying to owning—and back again. By delivering exceptional customer experiences, companies can acquire new customers, retain more customers, and improve efficiency.

Why Oracle?

Built around best-in-class CRM, commerce and industry solutions, Oracle offers the most complete customer experience solution in the industry, enabling companies to differentiate themselves across all channels, touch points, and interactions. From marketing to sales, delivery to support, and initial engagement to rewarding relationship, Oracle’s customer experience solutions deliver the business results that you want and the great experiences that customers want.

Why Customer Experience Matters
Why Customer Experience Matters
Customer experience is the set of perceptions a customer has with a company throughout the buying and owning interactions. Positive customer experiences enable businesses to attract more, retain more, sell more, sell for more, and do more. Every company in every industry can leverage great customer experiences to:
  • Establish trust while building lasting customer relationships through positive service and sales interactions.
  • Eliminate waste and add maximum value for efforts performed while serving needs in the most cost effective manner.
  • Deliver experiences that leverage your customers in growing your business, improving revenue, and adding customers, while selling more products to current customers.

The Challenges of Customer Experience
The Challenges of Customer Experience
Most successful companies would say that they try to create a good customer experience and have invested in the systems, people, and training to develop it. So what’s missing? Why is it so much more difficult to meet customer expectations every day in every way?
  • Customers want to do business with companies in more ways than before – social, digital, direct, in-store, mobile, and call center
  • The customer buying and owning lifecycle has become more complex
  • Siloed channels and systems create customer frustration

Creating a Great Customer Experience
Creating a Great Customer Experience
Customers want simple, consistent, and relevant experiences across all channels, touchpoints, and devices. Creating a great customer experience means delivering these qualities consistently over time across the entire customer lifecycle. Exceptional customer experiences create the loyalty, advocacy, and repeat business that drives success.
Oracle’s customer experience solutions help companies and organizations transform their existing operational systems and infrastructure into a differentiated customer experience across the customer lifecycle.

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