Friday, 31 May 2013

Learn from the World’s leading experts on Customer Experience

Are you one of the growing number of Customer Experience professionals? Have you been given the task of ‘improving your Customer experience’? What do you do? What are the problems and pitfalls? Do you want recognition that shows you have been professionally trained and carries weight with employers? Are you looking for career progression and development? Who better to help you than the world’s experts on the Customer Experience?

Here are 5 reasons why the CEM certification program could be a practical solution for your current needs:

1. When an organization is looking to focus on the Customer Experience it is important to set the standard at the start. Train on the concepts of the Customer Experience and set the direction!
2. Due to the nature of business today, face to face training is impractical from a time and cost perspective. Beyond Philosophy offers remote learning in the form of a live, in person webinar solution, conducted by recognized world leading experts in Customer Experience .
3. Our live webinars are reinforced with tasks, homework, self-assessments and set reading designed to reinforce the learning. If you miss a live event you can listen to a recording of this at your leisure. This is not only practical & productive but you can set your own pace.
4. You will meet and network with other Customer Experience professionals from around the globe, during every live webinar and study group, to get a view of what other companies are doing. This gives you the ability to share one another’s problems and challenges you may be facing, understanding you are not alone in your current situation.
5. And finally, not only obtaining official recognition for your expertise upon completion of the Customer Experience Management Certification (CEM) program; but gaining the knowledge to make a significant difference to your organization’s Customer Experience strategy and into a competitive advantage.

Why learn with Beyond Philosophy?

It’s simple, Beyond Philosophy have helped shape the whole Customer Experience industry. We are literally one of the first companies in the world to focus solely on Customer Experience. From our first book in 2002, Building Great Customer Experiences and our subsequent three further books our concepts and CEM training methodology have worked for many organizations. (case studies link) to prove this.
We have many models, templates and self assessments that enable organizations to improve their Customer Experience and those wanting to participate in the Customer Experience Management Certification (CEM) program will be fortunate enough to use & put these theories into practice during the course. We will also reveal to you a number of secrets that we do not publicize worldwide. This is the reason why the CEM program is targeted at ‘client side’ professionals and consultants are not permitted to attend.

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