Monday, 27 May 2013

CE Steps 1

Customers always remember a super customer service experience. Kate Nasser, The People-Skills Coach ™, shares 15 essential beliefs for your support team to remember:
  1. Customers cannot observe your intentions. Treat them well in every aspect of interaction and experience.
  2. The customer’s voice echoes forever. Of course they talk about you. What they say is actually up to you.
  3. Persist when you sense potential; shift and innovate when you see futility. Never let frustration with a customer stop you from finding a solution and delivering super customer experience!
  4. Make customer service experience easy! Count the number of hoops you ask customers to jump through & you’ll find the places they may jump ship! Leave the hoops for basketball.
  5. Courtesy and civility do not undo your message. They allow the customers to hear it.
  6. A customer’s trust is an invitation for a human bond. Your actions RSVP the truth about you and your beliefs and foretell the customer’s next choice.
  7. There is a difference between service and servitude. The first you choose; the second you don’t. Customers believe this applies to whole companies not just to the individual reps with whom they speak.  Do your customers see your company living an enthusiastic service mindset or begrudgingly working in servitude?
  8. A sincere apology is the quickest way to repave the road of customer trust. Waffling, defending, and delay leaves a trail of mistrust. Apologize and make amends!

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