Thursday, 23 May 2013

3 'Magical' Tips for Attaining Customer Ecperience Enhancement

In today’s competitive environment, it’s more important than ever to provide consumers with a positive and memorable experience to separate your business from your competitors. Due to advancements in technology and the way consumers are now interacting with brands, it’s becoming inevitable that they will start to form emotional connections and relationships with the brand or business as a whole and further continue to utilize their goods and services. The question then becomes, how can you improve your customers experience and develop these memorable encounters between the consumer and your brand?
A recent article titled Rebecca Cross: The ‘magical experience’ begins with your people provided a recap of helpful advice to ensure that your consumer relationships are ‘magical’. In this article, Cross reviews the best tips from customer service guru John Formica, also known as the “Ex-Disney Guy”, on customer experience enhancement. Let’s take a deeper look at a few of these recommendations.
  1. Understand your customers’ wants and needs.
  2. In order to develop a relationship with your consumers, you need to have a complete understanding of their wants and needs. Implementing customer feedback programs is a great way to offer consumers an outlet in which they can voice their opinions. If your consumers feel as though their ideas are being heard and applied to your everyday agenda, you will build their confidence in your company. Always remember that your consumers are the ones using your products and services and they know what they need from your business. Building this loyalty will drive customer experience enhancement and yield a more successful outcome.
  3. First impressions and perceptions are critical.
  4. The overall atmosphere of your business will ultimately impact the consumers’ first impression. From the time they set foot in your business, they begin to develop a perception of your brand. Are they greeted when they walk in the door? Where are the service counters? Is signage easy to read? Are products placed in a way that make sense to the consumer? These factors, and many more, play a pivotal role in determining if your customers will decide whether they will return. Consider utilizing customer experience management tools that can provide you with a deeper understanding of how your consumers perceive your brand from the beginning. It may be beneficial for you to hire a mystery shopping provider that is qualified in presenting relevant  information so you can  listen objectively and deliver actionable feedback for further customer experience enhancement.
  5. Pay attention to details and think of yourself as on-stage.
When it comes to customer experience management, all of your employees should be on board. Each individual person plays a key role. Exhibiting a good attitude and applying the right technique are two important attributes that contribute to the customer’s perception. One of the main reasons that consumers do not remain loyal is because of the way they are treated by your team. To further improve the customers’ experience, consider the insight that a performance consulting and training company can deliver.
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Service Excellence Group, Inc. is a customer experience measurement and solutions provider with a focus on performance management, research and customer intelligence. Service Excellence Group has developed partnerships with clients in an open and collaborative way that is flexible to the changing environment. Thorough research and analysis of your business could lead to customer experience enhancement. If you are interested in services such as mystery shoppers, feedback programs or training to improve your customer experience management, we can help you achieve your goals.

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