Thursday, 2 May 2013

Customer Experience Management

Turn deep insight into targeted actions that improve the customer experience and drive loyalty and profitability.
Today’s mobile customers demand the highest possible standards of excellence from their operators. 40% of them are prepared to switch operators within 12 months if they don’t get the experience they demand. Replacing lost customers is a costly task, hitting operator profitability significantly.
Customer experience management is about driving loyalty, efficiency and revenue streams. For your subscribers, it is the key to a much more immediate, relevant and personalized customer experience.
This is achieved by generating insight about customer experiences and preferences based on the existing data in your network and IT systems, and using it to make clearly prioritized improvements that result in a better customer experience and business outcome.

What can Nokia Siemens Networks offer?

Nokia Siemens Networks is the leading CEM vendor, offering a wsoftware products and related professional services across network and IT infrastructure as well as throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Our offering also includes our award-winning CEM on Demand, an easy-toide portfolio that brings together pre-integrated -use portal that enables a phased approach to CEM, ensuring value on each step of the way.
With our best-practices designed to meet your pain points in operations, care and marketing, we can help you achieve quick ROI.
Operators across the globe are already using our CEM tools to improve their customers’ experience. Learn more about three of them:

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