Thursday, 6 June 2013

What is Lifecycle Marketing?

Lifecycle marketing programmes improve campaign performance by 55%Lifecycle marketing enables you to get new customers and keep them engaged as they move through the process of researching, buying and then using your products and services.
While similar to the traditional funnel model, Lifecycle marketing goes a step further - by covering the entire customer experience, not just the initial sales process. It's about connecting your existing customers and staff with your prospects and using social media to break down barriers. Research has shown that lifecycle marketing programmes improve campaign performance by 55%.

The customer is king (or queen!)

Marketing communications used to be driven by marketing departments; but digital media means that the customer now has so many touch-points with your company that it's how you respond to each one that matters. Getting it right means you can drive the behaviours you want and turn prospects and customers into your advocates.
Lifecycle marketing means that marketing communications departments are moving from message broadcasters to facilitators of change. The right content and data strategy to guide your marketing communications will engage employees to deliver a customer experience that means they always come back for more.

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