Tuesday, 4 June 2013

CEM Products

Customer Experience Management Products

Turn deep insight into targeted actions that improve the customer experience and drive loyalty and profitability.
Today’s mobile customers demand the highest possible standards of excellence from their operators. Many are prepared to switch operator if they do not get what they demand, with the result that operators around the world risk losing 39% of their customers in the next twelve months. Replacing lost customers is a costly task, hitting operator profitability significantly.
Consequently, it is no surprise that survey results show that nearly 60% of operators want to invest in CEM to improve customer retention, other drivers being boosting efficiency, gaining OPEX savings, and increasing revenue. To help operators achieve these goals, Nokia Siemens Networks provides a wide Customer Experience Management offering that brings together pre-integrated software and related professional services across the network, IT and the entire customer lifecycle.

What can Nokia Siemens Networks offer?

Our offering consists of products (our own and best-of-breed third party) and services (including business and process consulting, systems integration, customization and optimization) such as:
CEM on Demand
Manage your customers’ experience through an innovative user-friendly online portal that helps to bridge your organizational silos.
Service Quality Manager
Ensure the right quality, to the right customers, at the right time by moving from network centric operations to service-centric operations.
It unifies fragmented data into a single logical database for one or multiple applications, creating a unified view of subscriber profile information.
Serve atOnce Device Manager
Find out how to manage your customers’ devices and enable automated configuration and smooth service uptake with Serve atOnce Device Manager.
Serve atOnce Intelligence
Gather information on customer experience for each customer or customer segment to analyze, profile and segment your customers. With this information, you can drive improved customer service, develop new tariffs and track the success of your current offers and tariffs.
Serve atOnce Traffica
Analyzing subscriber behavior is the only sure way to understand how your customers are experiencing communications services. You can trust Serve atOnce Traffica to put you in the picture and help you deliver the excellent all-round experience they’re looking for.
Host all relevant mobile subscriber, network and mobility application information centrally to allow a completely seamless communication in GSM, UMTS and LTE networks worldwide
Simplify your end-users experience, monetize on subscriber data and transform your business model

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